UAW Local 1284 Adopts-A-Highway

 UAW Local 1284 and Chelsea Proving Grounds is now part of the Adopt a Highway program thanks to the keen eye of Jeff Fisher, formerly of the Durability Department and now with Emissions Rolls. Jeff has previous experience with the Adopt a Highway program since he used to coordinate a two mile section of I-94 for Jackson County Community College. When he noticed that the two mile section of M-52 between Scio Church and I-94 became available for adoption, he immediately called MDOT and procured it. Bill Heeney and Bob Jordan both thought it was a great idea and the plan was in action. Amber Mitchell used her contacts at the Dundee Engine Plant to borrow some of their grabber sticks and other supplies, volunteers were signed up and the first clean up day was July 19th.
The last clean-up day for 2017 was September 20th. Twelve volunteers braved an incredibly hot and humid day to collect 47 bags of waste in four hours. It was great to see both SBU and NBU employees involved in the clean-up.
Going forward, there will be spring, summer and fall clean-up days in 2018 with the dates to be determined by MDOT. It will take approximately six months for the road sign to arrive, which will recognize that this part of M-52 has been adopted by UAW Local 1284 and the Chelsea Proving Grounds.
“It’s a great way to show the community that we care,” said Jeff Fisher. Well said, and we all thank Jeff for his efforts in bringing this worthy cause to CPG.